About bluecollarwhitecollar

A Cape Town guy, Paul van der Spuy. Passionate about retro motorbikes and cars, jeans and tees, and getting his fingers . My stores and design are really a simple expression of what I see and feel. I'm not influenced by fashion trends, but rather by nostalgic fantasy.Clothing isn't really my first love, I just happened to fall into it at an early age and it became a part of me. In fact I prefer motorbikes, retro cars and foreign movies.

Mar 7, 2016

Tshimaro from our Kloof St store
 testing one of our new prototype tees

Reasons to love Cape Town
Bakoven Beach
one of our limited edition bluecollarwhitecollar

My earlier biking days on my favourite BMW R100RS


New Florals to brighten up your life!!

Tshimaro, one of our key srtyle makers,
showing them how to wear it, (bluecollarwhitecollar)
at the J & B Met

a blue-collar tailors scissors

Jan 13, 2016

buy your man that special shirt then wear it!

one of our team, mich harrison, confirming her love for bluecollarwhitecollar

new tees coming your way!!

.....and soon in pretoria as well

our new bluecollarwhitecollar store has just opened in canal walk! pop in and check it out!!

motorbike ride on chapmans peak,cape town

Jan 10, 2016

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our new bluecollarwhitecollar brand identity

Jan 9, 2016

our newlook bluecollarwhitecollar store in Kloof street

way back when I had a a classic BMW R100RS motorbike

great new ladies bluecollarwhitecollar collection now in all of our stores